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We are an EXTREMELY small studio over here at BISHART! There's never more than 1 or 2 cool and awesome people fulfilling orders and sorting stock and answering emails throughout the day so as long as you bear with us, we'll get you what you need!

We typically ship orders within 2-3 weeks of purchase, but shipping times may vary depending on supply. Skateboards can take up to 3 weeks as they are made to order and ship straight from the manufacturer.
PRE-ORDERS can take up to 90 days for fulfillment, sometimes longer if freight shipments are delayed. Please refer to the product description for a specific item!

Sometimes we will list items on the shop that have yet to come to market or be released by the distributor. We use this to get a better idea of what shipment numbers we need and to give customers their best chance of securing the new item they want.

This can also mean that it may take longer than usual for these types of orders to be fulfilled and sent to you... But fret not, waiting is the best part! (I mean, that and maybe getting the thing that you ordered...)

Oh no! Please email us with your order # at so we can help!

Currently, we accept:

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Shop Pay

It depends! Comic book cover variants are typically super limited print runs.
Sold out merchandise like stickers and prints may return if there is a demand!

YES! If you have a hankering for some Ben Bishop books, art, or merchandise in your life then we will ship it to you ANYWHERE in the world (within reason...).

Please keep in mind that we ship from the United States and depending on where you live in relation to that, extra financial charges will come into play via your country's customs and import offices. Research your country's international shipping policies in advance!

Due to prior obligations and a jam-packed schedule, Ben will not be taking any personal art commissions in the near future.


Currently, we only offer CGC grading options to members of our BISHART KIDS CLUB. (Join here!)

CGC grading (At the moment!) takes about 20 BUSINESS days for standard/ modern sized comics and 30 BUSINESS days for magazine sized comic books. You can check the updated turnaround times here:

Because of many factors outside of our control and frankly outside of anyone's control, we are unable to guarantee a CGC grade higher than 9.2 (Still 'Near Mint'!). On average, our slabs do score in the 9.8-9.9 range, but there's always the chance a slab will return from CGC with a lower grade.

If your CGC slab is graded lower than a 9.2, then we will work with you one-on-one to find a solution!


The BISHART KIDS CLUB is a monthly membership for fans, friends and foes of comic creator BEN BISHOP. Established in 2017 with a diehard handful of Ben’s biggest supporters, the BISHCLUB today is constantly growing and evolving into something not even Ben could have predicted. (Read More Here!)

The BISHART KIDS CLUB is located on a members-only Discord server run by Ben and his minions. There we have such things as exclusive auctions, club-only store deals, first dibs on store sales, and more!

Join to see what all the hubbub is about, and if you're a club member and late to the Discord party then contact us to get caught up!


We allow for store returns on a case-by-base basis up to 30 days after an order is confirmed shipped.