Have yourself a merry little BISHMAS.

Have yourself a merry little BISHMAS.

Ho Ho Hello...

We're taking a much needed Christmas break! The shop will be closed from December 18th-28th. Orders places after Friday December 17th will be shipped after Tuesday December 28th. 

Hope you all have a great holiday season!



RONIN & SPLINTER SHIRT pre-orders are still in progress and unfortunately will be arriving just after the deadline for holiday shipping. Sorry about that, I know some of them were meant as XMAS gifts. Apologies for any inconvenience - they'll be going out right as soon as Emily and I get back from our Holiday travels.


LAST RONIN 3 & 4 remaining orders... Everything is out there! If you're still waiting on your 3s or 4s to arrive I'm guessing you either... 

A: ... are getting Kevin, Tom or Noah signatures and remarks, or...

B: ... had your book(s) sent to CGC. 


A - Kevin and Tom are on the other side of the country, and Noah is in a deep dark pit in the middle of the woods... He's a wildman... BUT, all the books are with their facilitators just waiting to either get signed, or shipped back to us, when we can then ship to you. The whole process takes a lot of time and coordination around everyone's various schedules as you can imagine. So thanks for hanging in there. The good news is, nothing is lost, and everything is still moving in the right direction. 

B - CGC... This is just going to be a waiting game. You may have heard, CGC is waaaaaay behind, We have a giant box of LAST RONIN 2 we sent them back in March which still has not been opened or entered into their system... So we're right there with you. If you have a book that was sent to CGC - just please try to forget about it for a while. haha - they are currently estimating something like 195 day turnaround time. As far as what we can see from our end, as far as looking into a specific customers book, is about ZERO. We can see when certain boxes have been accepted and are in the grading stages, but thats about it. Other boxes (many boxes) have yet to even be opened by CGC unfortunately. But again, all the books are where they should be, everything is moving in the right direction, and we're all just waiting. Hopefully not TOO much longer.




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  • Saladin Jones

    Hey Ben this is me Saladin Jones I just want say you’re great artist making comic book cover ever!!! 👍🏻🫂

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